The Augmented Reality Photobox App


No matter whether you are an artist, social media influencer, photographer, sports team, advertising agency or event organizer, the Augfie Photobox opens up new creative and financial possibilities to you. Upload your own AR ready content and within minutes you can do your own Augmented Reality picture and video creations.

The Augfie Photobox

The Augfie Photobox is a first of its kind Augmented Reality (AR) application which allows you to upload your own AR templates (pictures and videos) and start creating AR content within minutes. Use it as a mobile or stationary photobox in or around a stadium, at concerts or any point-of-sale to let your fans take pictures with their favorite idols. Take it to weddings to let the guests take pictures with the happy couple througout the night or use it as mobile promotional tool for people and products to create social media compatible content.

Why the Augfie Photobox?

Business Cases

  • Sports Teams/Athletes: Mobile or stationary use of the photobox in or around stadiums, fanshops or VIP areas - any place where fans would want to take pictures with their idols.
  • Concert/Event Organizer: Additional photo opportunites for fans, extra revenues for you. Update the photobox daily depending on your artists and/or their appearance.
  • Wedding Photographers: Take pictures of the couple directly on location, upload to the Augfie Photobox and let the guests have fun for the rest of the party.
  • Event Photography: Add content (objects, logos, watermarks) directly to each picture and save time when uploading/sharing the content.
  • Advertising Agencies: Give your clients an unusual, revolutionary approach to promotional events.
  • Influencer: Produce and upload content of you and/or your featured products wherever you are at any time.


  • Base application can be installed on AR capable tablets and smartphones (iOS & Android).
  • Utilize your existing picture and video content (2D pictures with transparency, chroma key 2D videos)
  • Use the device front camera to create Augmented Reality selfies.
  • Automatically upload and allow immediate download via QR code.
  • Share or print the created content directly from the Photobox app.
  • Use our Augfie plattform technology to connect an unlimited number of devices to the same content.
  • Be flexible: Use the device stationary on a tripod or be mobile and walk around.
  • Connect the stationary device to an external screen to use it as preview monitor.
  • Use our proprietary Microsoft Windows tool to display the app on large screen installations.


  • We offer a variety of licensing options from basic usage of one app & one template up to wide scale enterprise use.
  • Single use or recurring license options available.
  • Full service event rental depending on location/budget possible.
  • Available also readily configured including hardware.

Try it for free!

Get in touch via the contact form below and we will arrange your free demo version of the Augfie Photobox so you can try it yourself. All you need is a compatible Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet): Supported Devices

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